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Video and Audio

March 2009 Video Clip

February 2009 Podcast!

A podcast featuring Edward Bouwer was posted in February 2009 as part of series called Great Ideas. Great Ideas is a monthly podcast featuring Johns Hopkins University researchers and scholars in lively conversations about the most interesting ideas in science and technology, the humanities and the social sciences. Host Elizabeth Tracey asks the questions you'd ask if you could sit down with astronomers, economists, philosophers or historians working on the cutting edge of their disciplines. In this month’s podcast, Bouwer explains the difference between absolute and relative risk, concepts detailed in his book The Illusion of Certainty: Health Benefits and Risks, co-authored with Erik Rifkin. How do you evaluate and respond to news reports about health-related research? "If you’re not careful", says Johns Hopkins environmental engineer Ed Bouwer, "the numbers can lead you astray."