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About the Authors

Picture of Author Dr. Edward Bouwer

Erik Rifkin, PhD

Erik Rifkin is the president of an environmental consulting firm that specializes in the characterization of ecological and human health risks from exposure to soil, water, air and sediments. His firm provides assistance and guidance to federal and state regulatory agencies and corporations regarding the nature and magnitude of environmental risks and potential remediation strategies. 

Dr. Rifkin's broad experience includes the communication of health risks and benefits to groups concerned with these issues. 


Edward J. Bouwer, PhD

 Edward J. Bouwer is Professor of Environmental Engineering at Johns  Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He has extensive experience with  water and soil pollution and treatment. His research provides guidance on  defining and managing environmental risks and how to interpret human and  ecological health risk data.

 Dr. Bouwer has served on several National Research Council committees that  provide guidance on managing human and ecological risk.